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Contact Information

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Certifications can be found in the following link

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Our Team

We give you a combined 175 years of plating experience!

Jim Beringer   President, CEO

Jim is the current owner. He began working here in 1973 and took over the company in 1993. 2nd generation owner.



Bruce Hogie   Vice President

Bruce has been with Beringer for 16 years and has a total of 22 years of plating experience. Graduated from the University of Nebraska with a B.S. in Industrial Technology Education.



Keith Sergent   Operations Manager

Keith "Harley" Sergent joined Beringer in 2000 giving him 18 years here. He has been plating for a total of 23 years.  



Mike Carroll   Electroplater                        

Mike Carroll joined the Beringer team in 2000 giving him 18 years here at Beringer. He has a total of 22 years in the plating industry



Mike Henthorn   Production Manager


Mike "The Beast" Henthorn joined Beringer in 2002 and has been here for 16 years. He has a total 22 years of plating experience. He has an A.M.I. degree in computer numeric controls programing.



Cody Weaver   Product Manager 


Cody "Mr Fittness" Weaver joined in 2012 and now has over 5 years in the plating industry. He is currently at the University of Akron pursuing a B.O.S. degree in Organizational Superivison.



Renee Beringer   Office Manager


Renee began working at Beringer in 2002. Has graduated from Malone University with a degree in English.



Michael Schere

The third Mike of our team has 2 years of plating experience.  He has a background in welding and machining.



Keagan Warner

Keagan came along board 1 year ago and has quickly accelerated in Rack Zinc plating


Dino Rivers

Dino Joined us in 2017





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