Bruce Hogie

Vice President

Bruce served in the U.S. Army then attended the University of Nebraska. After receiving his Bachelor’s in Industrial Technology Education, Bruce started his metal finishing career. Bruce has been with Beringer Plating since 2002, altogether he has 24 years of electroplating experience.

Mike Carroll


Mike Carroll joined the Beringer team in 2000 giving him 20 years here at Beringer. He has a total of 24 years in the plating industry.

Mike Henthorn ‘The Beast’

Zinc Line Operator

Mike ‘The Beast’ Henthorn joined Beringer Plating in 2002 and has been here for 18 years. He has a total 25 years of plating experience. He has an A.M.I. degree in computer numeric controls programming.

Cody Weaver ‘Mr. Fitness’

Product Manager

Cody, also known as Mr. Fitness, has been at Beringer Plating since 2014. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management.

Renee Beringer

Office Manager

Renee is a 3rd generation employee at Beringer Plating and has been working with the company since 2002. She has an Associate’s degree in English from Kent State and a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from Malone.

Dino Rivers


Dino started at Beringer Plating in 2018.

Darshawn Hood ‘Hood’

Rack Line Operator

Hood joined Beringer Plating in 2017.

Levi Hogie


Levi joined Beringer Plating team in 2018.

Alex Samson

Quality Control Manager

Alex joined Beringer Plating in 2020 and has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

Logan Hogie

Rack Line Operator

Logan started at Beringer Plating in June 2020.

Luke Smith

Shipping and Receiving/Customer Support

Luke started at Beringer Plating in February 2021.

Brandon McGinnis


Brandon started in October of 2021.

Thomas George


Thomas started in July 2021.

Jim Beringer

President, CEO

Jim is the current owner. He began working here in 1973 and took over the company in 1993. Jim is a 2nd generation owner.