If you are ready for a career that provides you with advancement professionally and personally, look to Beringer Plating. Our Electroplaters serve the Fastener, Tool & Die/Stamping, Automotive and Aerospace industries by improving the look and protection on parts that keep these industries in motion. Beringer Plating in Akron, Ohio was founded in 1953 and since then have grown into one of the leading electroplating
facilities in the Midwest along with servicing other states in the country. Number one focus of our skilled workforce is Quality, we strive to deliver the best quality of our customer’s parts, along with delivering those quality parts within great lead times.

Why Beringer Plating

  • We will train you and help you advance. Electroplating involves learning continuously, therefore there is no limit to how much you can achieve at Beringer Plating. The more time you serve Beringer Plating, the more valuable you become.
  • Our benefits are top tier. Outstanding Company-paid health, vision, and dental insurance for you and your family. Profit sharing plan once you reach 1 year of service.
  • Have a rewarding career. We put the ownership of quality into our Electroplater’s hands. You will have the ability to see your own work’s results and take ownership of its quality. See your earned skills first-hand.